Upon completion of pre-k your children will receive a cap and gown and graduate.


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Preschool - Daycare


Children ages 3-5 will be prepped for kindergarten

The learning goals, activities, and themes may seem familiar from previous classes, but your children aged 4 & 5 will be exposed to more advanced material at a higher level geared for your 4 & 5 year old. Your child will be ready for any kindergarten program at the end of the year! 

Listed below are many of the activities that your child will participate to facilitate the development of these skills. 

Learn to think creatively and problem solve through exploration and experimentation
Identify environmental changes (seasons, weather, day, night)
Begin to demonstrate basic safety practices
Describe and compare basic needs of living things
Categorize living organisms using a variety of observable features
Identify and describe the component or parts of living things
Communicate observations and understanding to others
Identify and describe the 5 senses
The use of books, periodicals, and manipulatives on themes are easily accessible resources found in our science library
Learn about recycling and keeping our Earth clean

Identify examples of emotions
Recognize reasons for rules in our environment
Taking responsibility for mistakes - saying "I'm Sorry"
Recognize and accept similarities and differences in people
Be aware of themselves and their families and friends
Being helpful and caring to our friends
Waiting our turn and listening to what others say
Being aware of family and friends' feelings
Demonstrate cooperation in the classroom setting
Dramatic play - pretending and role playing

Weekly Spanish Classes taught to ages 3-5 - Los Niños Spanish School